2021 Star Wars Makeup Brush Set

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The best quality and customized to have metallic handles 

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Wallace

2021 Star Wars Makeup Brush Set

Stephen Pitts
Excellent set!

Love the quality and design of the brushes! Very happy customers!

Gabrielle Whitlock

2021 Star Wars Makeup Brush Set

Ariana Sosa
Beautifully crafted

Purchased these beautiful brushes because of an ad on Instagram and I have 0 regrets. I’d empty my bank account if it meant i could have all of the brushes in this business. They were beautifully and delicately crafted, vibrant, varied, and they are so aesthetically pleasing as well as incredible in the makeup doing sense. I love them and I will definitely be coming back for more!

Carolina Morris
Quality brushes

To be honest, I’m the beginning I was pretty scared to order these and during the whole process of waiting for these to be delivered I was nervous. When I did receive them, these brushes blew my mind. They are so cute, and look better than I thought. They are pretty soft brushes and I am very pleased. I would definitely buy from them again!